American Beth Din
December 2011
Resolving Beth Din Corruption
The American Beth Din is a Jewish Court serving both the non-religious and religious population.
Adjudication                 Consultation                      Review Disputes involving          Facilitation of a                   Non-biased opinion a Beth Din. Even if         process for bringing            after inspection of a Psak Din or Seruv      about an agreement            facts in other cases. has already been           between opponents issued.                            in a dispute.
After a six month long investigation which involved a mailing to everyone on the seruv list  from ORA and The Jewish Press below are our preliminary findings of fact. 1) The Beth Din of America has issued more Seruvs than any other Beth Din. 2) In our opinion, The Beth Din of America is guided by feminist pressure and money     over Halacha. 3) In our opinion, and the opinion of the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot in Brooklyn     NY, the Beth Din of America is in involved in issuing BOGUS seruvs. 4)  In our opinion, and the opinion of the Bais Din Hagodol Shomrey Mishpot in Brooklyn      NY, Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann has abused his role of Menahel.  5) The Prenuptial Agreement that the Beth Din of America wants all new couples to sign      is blatantly against Halacha and is contradictory to the Ketuboth. We do not      recommend this document to be signed. It has no basis in Halacha. 6) Both the Av Beth Din (Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz) and the Menahal (Rabbi Shlomo     Weissmann) employed at the Beth Din of America have seruv(s) and/or Psak Din(s)     against them.   7) Due to #6 above, all further seruvs or Halachak decisions by either Schwartz or     Weissmann are null and void.   8) Due to #6 above, nobody should use the Beth Din of  America while either Schwartz     and Weissmann are involved there or risk their decision being mevatel (voided).   9) ORA and The Beth Din of America are connected and ORA appears to be the bully     for The Beth Din of America.   10) The coercion and bullying that ORA is guilty of, will soon create a population of       mamzarim (illegitimate children). The Beth Din of America is an accessory to this       action. 11) There is only one person that we could find who has been condemned by       numerous Beth Dins. You can see who this is at: We wish to thank everyone who wrote to us and we will respond to every email. If you are involved or are planning to get involved with The Beth Din of America or  ORA we strongly suggest you contact us or a reputable Beth Din.                                                                                                                                            The American Beth Din                                                                                                                    Rabbi Benyamin Yosef                                                                                                           
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